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Huge Neon Genesis fan, Evil Dead Fan, Dark Souls fan, and Jack White fan. Most of what I post, will be just random stuff I find funny or interesting. Also pm me for psn name


The night we wandered into the Little Branch and stepped back in time


the term “gamer” in itself is the most cringe worthy thing, i would never call myself something so dweeby like that


Oswald of Carim Hospitalized for Fatigue After Holding His Arms up for 97 years straight.

Oswald claims his outfit was to blame for his consistent pose above the Undead church, but many locals believe there’s much more to the story.

"Legend says Oswald went in for a high five and was left hanging." says Andre of Astora."Poor bastard’s arms eventually locked into place after so many years."

Reports say Oswald hasn’t received many visitors since being checked in to the hospital as many people see him once and then never visit him again do to his location.


Magic needed.




I haven’t gotten out of bed and I have to leave in 15 minutes.
A+ human being

Extra credit if you still have to eat, shower, and get dressed.

Actually all of those! It was a really bad decision on my part haha


Sorry guys, no Q&A this Sunday. We’re going through all your amazing letters and messages! We’ll let you know when the next Q&A will be (probably NEXT month). Thanks for all of your suggestions! Keep ‘em coming!


me sexting: *sends a video of stone cold chugging beers after giving the rock a stunner*


I just really wanted to draw feet.

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